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British Club Officers Forum

Code of Conduct & Terms of Use

All posts and comments on this Forum will be subject to an editorial review.  Remarks offered in the spirit of support and cooperation will be welcomed.  Although each and every user is entitled to their opinions - this is not the place to share all of them.  Any remarks or statements deemed to be inappropriate, offensive, or off topic in a negative direction will be removed.  


This is a British car club forum.  Let’s discuss car club issues and see if we can resolve some of them.  Different points of view will certainly be encouraged and tolerated.  Abusive language, angry and argumentative rants or personal attacks, will not. Please refrain from comments or references that are political or sexual in nature.  


Use of this Forum means that you agree to follow this simple code of conduct. Those who can not abide by the terms of use delineated here or who can not interact in a courteous, friendly and respectful manner will be banned for a specified period of time.  Repeat offenders will have their log in credentials permanently revoked.


Thank you for your participation and cooperation.  Let’s make this Forum work for one another and to the benefit of our clubs, their members, and the British marques we so enjoy driving.  

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