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i have very bad problem my laptop is lenovo g510 and my ubuntu is ubuntu 64bit, but i cant install ubuntu 10.10 64 bit in my laptop,it install in any other mode except 64 bit mode, plz tell me what to do my system is going very slow, the cd driver is very slow, i have tried in many way but i cant install in my laptop, plz help me its very difficult for me to install the ubuntu in my laptop. aguitel, I'm just trying to find what's the directory of the home for network accounts Because if I've configured SSH in /etc/sshd_config and then made it accessible to anyone on the network, and then I use nm-applet to connect, then it's accessible, so if I use chown -R $USER /etc/sshd_config so that my account on the network owns the sshd_config file, and then I don't have to login, but only type the command "sudo service ssh restart" and then use my wifi, then ssh would have to be accessible through a different port, to prevent a Denial of Service? what is the difference between the 10.04 and 10.10? catzz: 10.10 has the 'wayland' display server. (which will be standard in 11.04) !wayland Wayland is a display server protocol that is being developed by the GNOME team and others. More information on the wayland protocol can be found at I use it on my netbook here. I cant tell a differance So i wont have to reinstall the computer to get 10.10 right? catzz: if you have nothing to lose by doing so DJ_Unibob, /home//.config/NetworkManager/ ;; You can alwyas use the update-manager command to install a newer release. and you can use the command line to install.




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Windows 7 Extreme Edition 64 Bit Amit Torrent gabeha
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