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Cars and Crumpets 5/20/18

It was a typical foggy English morning with scattered showers in the forecast for the early morning.They predicted it to clear up by 9am, with some sunshine, and rain to return in the late afternoon. So in good old British fashion I decided to keep calm and carry on with the inaugural Cars and Crumpets gathering.

Along the way to the event one of the showers crossed my path for about 20 minutes . Not to be deterred I continued to the location. After setting up, and raising the Unionjack. the skies cleared up and the sun was shining. After a few minutes the first of the courageous drivers who disregarded the dreaded weather reports started to show up. Albeit in coupes or with their tops up. However after the first hour a few more adventurous drivers did show with their tops down.

In all there were 10 drivers who ignored the ominous weather reports to attend.

One gentleman wandered over to check out the event, and he told me he found out about it from his friend in New Zealand ! I guess the interest for this exclusive British car event is gaining popularity. One gentlemen brought his young son, and he received a model of an Aston Martin, similar to the car his dad drove him in.

I want to to thank all the brave attendees for coming to the inaugural event. Please help spread the word to all your British owner friends .

Next month there will be 2 gatherings at this same location, on Sunday June 10th, and June 24th. Hope to see you there.

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